Many people tend to focus on exterior home improvement projects when looking to boost their property value. However, clever interior design can not only attract a buyer, but also improve the value of your home. Whether you’re looking to sell your property or simply update the way it looks, here are 5 top interior design tips.

Declutter and optimise storage space

Cleaning and organising are the simplest first steps you can take. Our houses are often cluttered with furniture and items lying around everywhere. Useless and unsightly objects should be thrown away, sold or stored elsewhere. Optimising your storage space will also help you declutter and make your space more appealing to potential buyers. When it comes to storage, the more there is, the better. It’s important to provide enough storage space for different purposes in every room.

Choose quality over quantity

Design a home that will withstand the test of time. Pick durable furniture, décor elements and appliances that will never go out of styles. Focus on the quality of the materials used, especially if you’ll be looking to let or sell your property.

Choose neutral colours

Painting is one of the easiest and most cost-effective home interior improvements. If your walls are looking tired, a fresh coat of paint can make a big difference. Fix any wall damages and consider painting the rooms in white or neutral colours, which are likely to appeal to more potential buyers or tenants. A freshly painted room looks modern, clean and fresh, which translates into a greater value.

Undergo a kitchen remodel

If you’re looking to create an attractive modern home, investing in a kitchen remodel is worth every penny. It’s the room that most buyers often focus on and can help you secure a high property valuation. A full kitchen renovation tends to be a pricey project, so consider replacing only the fundamentals. A minor kitchen remodel, including things such as updating light fixtures and hardware, countertops and installing energy-efficient appliances can give you up to 80% return on investment.

Update the bathroom

Following kitchen renovations, bathroom updates are the second option to bring the highest return on investment. Since bathrooms are usually the smallest rooms in many properties, little upgrades can go a long way.

We all like a bathroom that looks new and clean, so consider painting the walls in a neutral tone, replace the shower curtain with a simple glass screen and update old vanities and hardware. Even small and simple changes such as re-grouting, eliminating all limescale, replacing taps or swapping the tiles can make a huge difference to buyers’ perception of the room.

We hope you found our selection of interior design tips that can add value to your home useful. An updated interior makes for a perfect relaxing home and a more desirable place if you decide to sell or let your property. Feeling inspired? Browse our full range of stunning high-end furniture today.